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Insecticide foggers in storage shed?

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I'm wondering if this is safe to do or not. I'm looking to kill any lice, mites or anything else that could have made their way into my storage shed where I keep feed with one of those foggers. Everything except for hay and straw is kept in bags inside sealed bins. I'm just wondering if the chemicals in it would cause any issues with the hay I'd be feeding to my goats. I'd appreciate any advice!
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Yes, the chemicals would effect the hay (straw) used for the goats. Most of the foggers have instructions towards protecting any people containers used for holding or eating food, wiping down counters after use, and such. The poison would contaminate the hay (straw) unless it was taken out before hand. There is a period of time enclosed areas have to be vented for airing, Even then, the smell lingers and is absorbed by the soft surfaces, and hangs around for a long time. I am pretty sure goats wouldn't want to eat hay that carried the chemical smell, even taken out before hand, once it absorbed the smell when it was put back inside the storage shed.

What type of problem are you having inside the storage shed, maybe there are other alternatives.
I agree, it will contaminate everything.
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