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    Feb 27, 2019
    Hello, I’m here to learn all that I can to raising dairy goats before I start raising my own. I spent much of my childhood around goats, as half the population in the small town I grew up in raised them. So I love goats. I am leaning toward starting with Nubian, mostly because those floppy ears are so cute, but also considering La Mancha for their high milk production and quieter nature, maybe a mix of the two...
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    Welcome! Good luck on your quest to find your perfect goat. I have Nigerian Dwarfs but there are many wonderful breeds to chose from. :)
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    I have said it before, but maybe you were not yet here then: Consider your own preferences, and add your knowledge about the place where you can keep them, try to find a breed or cross breed that can thrive on exactly your land!
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    Welcome to the forum you’ll get a lot of info here on all things goats. :)