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Introducing Little Man!

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I adopted a new son yesterday..a yearling, blue eyed, black angora buck. For now, I'm just calling him Little Man until I find a name that fits. He was behind on shearing, but I got that done as soon as we got home and he is so happy now that he is free of all that hair. Running my hand over him is like touching velvet. His old home loved him very much. They got a little behind on the shearing, but some folks don't know and they loved and fussed on him making him a real sweetie pie. When the shearing was done, he stood up, turned to me, looked me right in the eyes and then walked toward me and licked me on the mouth! ha ha He's a charmer and really pretty. I'm so happy to have him. :love:


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Oh... I didn't know Angoras could have blue eyes either, ooooo, too bad we can't breed our Angora doe this year ;)
He is truly an amazing looking goat.
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