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Just thought I'd introduce myself!

My name is Amy. I live in north central Indiana. I am currently in college, my major is agri-business. I graduated high school in 2006.

I have A LOT of animals.

4 Indoor cats- Macy(4-5yrs old), Chloe(2-3yrs old), Panther(1yr old), Buttercup(7mos.)
2 dogs- Kisha-4yr old pug Muffy-6-7yr old chow mix.
1 calf- Maple (6mos old this month.)
3 horses- Dandy (11-12yr old paint gelding.) Trouble Maker (3yr old green broke POA mare. And yes she lives up to her name.) Opie (5 month old POA colt, Son of Trouble Maker.)
12 goats- 3 ADGA purebred nubian does, 1 ADGA purebred nubian buck, 1 nubian x wether. 1 pygmy buck, 1 pygmy wether, and 5 pygmy does.

I think I got everyone.....Lol. :roll: :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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