introducing new buck to my other two goats

Discussion in 'Beginners Goat Raising' started by rickster832, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. rickster832

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    Nov 29, 2014
    Hello new to raising goats and today to my surprise I found a male goat in the woods behind my house.. which is weird because the nearest neighbor is 10 miles away.. so I've decided to keep him. I have two spanish goats one male one female they are both 6 months old. When my little male goat (coco) saw the new goat which i think is a fully grown boer goat (smore) they started fighting (pecking order I guess) they fought for about and hour or so. And then my little one gave up And the bigger male started mounting him. But he does not mount my little female. I guess coco lost. And tonight I put all of them in their pen together so that they could sleep but my two little ones wont go into their sleeping tent they're just standing by the entrance gate. I guess they feel intimidated by the bigger male.

    Does anybody know why this is happening?
    Any help, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated.....
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    Nov 30, 2014
    I'm not entirely sure what's going on with your goats. The only thing I can think of is your new goat isn't used to being around another male or he may just be nervous about his new home. I would recommend letting Smore have some space from your other two for a while and let him get used to his new surroundings. Is there a different place you can put Smore at night away from the others? If not keep a close eye on them so none of them get seriously injured. Try to put them in a larger space together to start out with and watch them, once they seem a little more comfortable with each other you can try leaving them alone for short periods of time. Keep this process up for a while and then when you're able to leave them for a long time with no worries they should be a bit better about sleeping at night without a ton of fighting.

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    Jun 18, 2011
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    You should report the found buck to police and/or municipal animal control and at least post a photo in the local feed store. In most places it is illegal to claim him as yours without any advertisement. Plus who knows - he could have gotten loose from a transport or something. Does he have any tags or tattoos in his ears?

    Both bucks should certainly be separated from your doe as she will get bred too young.

    Yes it is normal for them to spar to establish pecking order and you may need more shelter so all of them have a dry space. They probably won't be cuddling anytime soon (ever).