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Iodine Deficieny?

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I'm wondering whether my goats have iodine deficiency. I'd like some opinions on this before I go out and buy a very expensive supplement.

A few months ago they were definately copper deficient. I have them on copper now ... yet it doesn't seem to have had a 100% effect. But by all accounts they should be on plenty! I've heard that insufficient iodine will interfere
with their ability to use copper, as well as other minerals etc ... selenium, Vit. A, in particular.

Recently I have added a selenium supplement as well.

Their winter coats were slow to shed out ... very slow ... they still have some reddish tinging, curling on the ends of hair etc. Even though they are now on copper and have been since july.

As well as the lingering copper signs, I have a healthy, prime doe who did not become pregnant this year. The others did. She cycles regularly ... but shows little sign of it, very quiet heat, impossible to be sure if shes in heat
without walking her past the buck. She won't stand for him on her own certainly. I thought she just didn't like him ... but come to think of it shes oddly quiet about her heat.

I have a doe who usually has some streaks down her face like she has had funny eyes ... like Vit. A shortage ... this does improve with Vit. A, but never seems completely right ... just like the copper.

The two does who did get pregnant appear to have done so on the second try. The first one was a buck kid ... I'm waiting for number two now but she looks like she'll be three weeks late ... if thats a boy I'm downright
suspicious as it would maybe be a lack of conception or survival in the female embryo?

They do have dryish sort of coats but hard to say as I'd put it down to the copper.

I don't know if this indicates anything but my buck doesn't have much smell ... not that hes effeminate ... definately not! but I did wonder whether he'd been descented at the same time as disbudding (I don't know) but I do
sometimes pick up a whiff of buck about his head. (Usually comes out strongest when hes ... er ... excited)

I don't know what to think ... I don't know much about Iodine?
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Can you get kelp? Kelp will help with that. You can put it out free choice along with the minerals.
If you can find a rural farm store, you may find kelp much cheaper. I buy my kelp in 50 pound bags for about $44 from a Mennonite gardening center here in southern KY. It is not labelled as "food grade," but my goats love it. A 50 lb bag lasts a long time if you have a small number of goats.
Do they get iodized salt? That should be enough in most cases.
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