Iris' Baby Doe Kid

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    Here are a few pictures of Iris' baby girl. She is very pretty! :) One of triplets, but I don't have pics of her brothers yet. Will be getting those asap.

    Any ideas for names?? I was going to look at African names, maybe something that translates to "tiny." Or something like that. Open to suggestions. Capriola RB. . . (something w/ blue as she has blue eyes)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Baby girl and my mom:
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    What an absolute cutie!!! :love:

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    Gorgeous little girl

    Klein means small or little. There are no African words meaning tiny that I could find in the translations dictionary.

    However I did find something else meaning tiny and may be fitting. The baby's mom is Iris which is a beautiful flower and resembles an orchid. The offspring of an orchid is a when it grows off the mother plant is called "Keiki" pronounced Kay-Key. This is also Hawaiian for Baby. Her name could be Capriola RB Iris's Keiki
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    Belmont, NY ... zen=&n=500

    Name Meaning Origin Gender Rating


    Kaatje Little Lady African
    Kaatje pure Dutch


    Kabibe Possession African
    Kabibe Little Lady African


    Kanelo A Little Thing in the Eye is Big African
    Kanelo Enough African


    Kanene A Raven Native American
    Kanene a little thing in the eye is big African
    Kanene From ANAENECHI Igbo


    Kanoa Little Bird African
    Kanoa Free One Hawaiian


    Kanoni Name of a God Hindu
    Kanoni Little Bird African
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    shes beautiful and so tiny

    ÁEDÁN: Diminutive form of Gaelic Áed, meaning "little fire.
    AIDEN: Variant spelling of English Aidan, meaning "little fire."
    EDAN: Variant spelling of English Aidan, meaning "little fire."

    # NTOMBI: African Zulu name meaning "lady."

    # THEMA: African Akan and Egyptian name meaning "queen."
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    Ooh, thanks so much everyone for the ideas!! I love Keiki. . . just might go w/ that one. But instead of Iris's Keiki, I might just do Keiki in Blue or something to that effect.

    Iris' reg. name is actually "Spirit of Isis," but I don't like that name, so called her Iris instead.

    So, I'll probably go w/ Capriola RB Keiki in Blue

    Thanks again so much! You all are great! :D
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    Oh she is so cute Olivia!!! :love: Congrats! And I love that name for her, it fits her very well!!
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    Keiki in Blue is great. Glad you liked the name as it really does fit her.
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    Jul 13, 2008

    Oh yes, very pretty name for a darling! Looking forward to the boys pics.
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    so adorable.... :wink: :greengrin:
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    She is beautiful! And very CUTE!