Is cocci a problem with mature goats?

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  1. I've seen some info on Cocci and just want to doublecheck with yall:

    1) Its caused by a protozoan

    2) It causes diarrhea, sometimes severe w/ blood

    3) It can be acquired when the animals eat infected goatberries

    4) It mainly affects young kids

    My question is, does cocci spring up in healthy, mature goats? I dont think any of mine have it, I just want to learn more on the subject. Any insight would be great! Thanks :)
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    It can, not very common though. Most goats become immune after so long, but keeping the number of goats per so much space adequate helps with the prevention of cocci as well as any other parasites.

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    Oct 4, 2007
    yup it can even kill them -- adults rarely get diarrhea from it but they will get real thin and malnourished looking
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    It can be a problem in adults. Crissa lost a doe to cocci, i believe she was around four. The biggest thing is keeping the right number of goats per square footage. Keeping things clean. We spray down the walls of our barn with bleach water every month, along with the dirt floor. feeding hay in mangers is best feeding off the ground is asking for trouble with worms and cocci.
    It doesnt always cause scours. My neighbor lost a doe to cocci, a young kid about six months old. The doe was eating and drinking fine pooping normal, but she started to lose muscle mass, she got to the point that she couldnt stand. She still would eat just wouldnt get up.
    Hope this helps