is it better to put the babies back with their mom if...

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    Jan 24, 2011
    Hello, I am brand new to the goat world and am loving them but have a couple questions couldnt previously find answers for. Any tips are very appreciated..

    The babies were born 3pm yesterday, soon after delivery we had to move them inside the house from the barn, it was about 17f outside and the mom wasn't showing initial interest. I stayed up with them all night feeding them replacement formula/cows milk/ agave nectar mixture. They responded well after a few tries. (The mama wouldnt let us milk her)
    I woke from a nap today and my housemate had moved them back to be with their mom, so, just wondering, since they never received the initial colostrum, what things should i be precautionary for and what can I do to up their antibodies? I assume its better for them to be with their mom?? We are watching her and shes slowly doing better at being a mom... Thanks for any feedback, Kristen
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    are they nursing from mom? If kids get the colostrum within 12-24 hours they can metabolize the colostrum.

    if they dont get the colostrum they are susceptible to more sickness as they age but if they pass that 6-8 weeks of age then they will be more then likely ok.

    They get antibodies from mom through the colostrum. they develop the antibodies on their own as they age

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    Momma's always best, unless she's actually hurting them... they need that colostrum from her desperately!
    Just make sure the kids are nursing & that mom is doing alright. Mom's milk is usually best...other stuff seems to end up causing more issues than it fixes.
    Good luck & Congrat's
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    Is the Doe a First time mom? If so... you have to teach her to be a momma ...and leave them in a bonding pen...... her and her babies.... Tie her up and then... tie her back leg up high enough.... so.... she cannot kick the kids....tie up the side you will be working from...remember..... to alternate is vital... that they get that colostrum..... keep working with momma and babies....go out every couple of hours or so ...and feed the kids....if the momma doesn't have to be tied anymore with her leg then don't have to.... as long as she is allowing the kids to nurse....this may take a week or so.... sneak up when you are going out to feed the kids and see if she is allowing them to suckle from her...when your not looking..... Don't give up... :wink:

    Do this same method... if you have to milk her...but it is best... to let the kids suckle from her.... make sure the kids get colostrum ...milk some colostrum in a 12cc syringe and feed it slowly..... to each kid....I'd fill it twice...