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He is handsome. He does look a bit rough. Pos. Worms...

I would
take his temp (101.5-103.5 is normal range)
check his lower inner eye lids...should be bright pink to red. Pale lids mean anemia and treatment will be needed ASAP
Have a fecal done and ask for cocci check as well..
flaking skin could be poor diet, mites or lice, would also be cause for the course hair
if he has runny eyes/nose and cough I would treat with antibiotics
** tylan 200 for otc (1 cc per 25# 2x a day for 5 days sub q) or Nuflor for vet prescribed (3 cc per 100# once daily for five days sub q)

Bloat will feel hard as a drum on the left side...will be raised high above spine..if you thump it, it will sound hollow
Good rumen is large, soft and active...(gasses and gurgling)
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