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Is the lice treatment working or not??

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Hey! So my goats had lice, and around the same time I found it I bought two new babies, that came with lice as well... Whatever, im pretty sure most goats prolly have lice 馃ぃ and it wasn't a big deal cuz I already had to treat mine.

Mine were starting to get big signs...balding on nose and ears as well as itching. I dosed them twice with an ivermectin pour on. The does have a significant improvement. The hair has grown back and its cool to look at pictures to see the improvement.

One of the doelings I bought began to get hair lose on her nose soon after I brought her home. I treated her twice and it's growing back. She also had a patch on her ear, that was odd because it was a small patch in the middle of her ear, but that seems to be growing back in.

I just got home after being gone for a week and the first thing I noticed was this doeling has a big bald patch on her ears. This was not there when I left. Is this lice still? The hair on her face is growing in so why is she losing hair in a different spot now??

Is this something other than lice maybe?
Here are pictures from the day before I left and a picture from yesterday when I got home.
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The picture of her by the red trailer is when I got home, her eating grass is before I left, just so you can see the difference. :)
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Are you sure the lice is gone? Can also be zinc.
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Are you sure the lice is gone? Can also be zinc.
i havent checked again for lice since getting home cuz i've been busy with other animals.. i will either tonight or tmrw tho. i didnt think to check, since the hair is growing back in the places that were bald... its just that the spots that are bald now werent bald before.

what do u give for zinc deficiency?
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