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Is there something wrong with this goats hooves

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Hi everyone

I am sending pictures of our Goat Aja's hooves. she is 1/2 Nubina, 1/4 Sannan, 1/4 Alpine, She will be 2 yr old March 25, and is due to have her first kid Around the middle of March... She had her hooves done about 8 weeks ago and when the girls went to do them yesterday they looked like this okay or is something wrong and what do I do if there is! It looks like the hard outside is seperating from the soft inside on her front two hooves..

Thank you
Donna B and Aja

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It could be hoof rot how wet has it been? Coppertox should help as well as soaking her feet in bleach water after they have been cleaned up and try to keep them as dry as possible.....Im new to goats but horses get the same thing if it too wet. Hopefully someone who knows better than me can give you better advice.
Unless there is black stuff there, it looks like a trimming is due. You can use coppertox or hoof and heel to help keep her hooves healthy if there is hoof rot.
She needs a trim for one and if there is stinky black gunk then it is hoof rot starting and do the coppertox dip for the hoof after you trim it.
Hoof Rot

Yes the trim is due but they were afaird to do it till they figure out what was going on!

We live in the middle of Michigan where it is wet from November to April..

I wounder if she would leave doggie shoes on -- anyone ever tried that?

Is this painfull to her?

Donna B
i just learned about this same situation! The hoof wall was weak there and moisture found its way in between the wall and sole...I would get some alcohol or bleach....if you can get some hoof rot stuff and put something on there after you trim
On the right side of the hoof unless its just the light that looks like hoof rot. Dig out any gunk thats in it and put bleach, hoof 'n heal, and blu kote on it. I did that the hoof got better in a week.

Thank you for all the help---- hubby called on his way home from work and I was in town- I told him about it and he said what do we have to do I said some how get her out of the wettness.. He told me to go to Home Depot and get a list of thing . and he would take care of it..HE has a pole barn that he has been saying NO goats in- but guess what he is doing right now at 8 pm fixing it so all the goat (8 of them) have a place to get out of the wet yuck... He is building a pen for them he already had a lean too of it and a whole to feed them through so now is making a pen off of that he side on the cement to get them out of the snow and yuck... I JUST love my man... he always comes through when we really need him...

I also went to TSC and got hoof and Heal and then I also looked on Fias web site and they have a cleaning solution you can make so I got what I needed for that.. So as soon as I can get her on dry ground I will get her treated...

Thank you I will let you know how it all turns out

Donna B
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Some mud is good for the hooves, it actually acts as a moisturizer, but as other have said they need somewhere where they can be dry and get out of the mud. When you go to trim her feet trim the wall up as far as you can where it has seperated throm the sole of the foot. If you leave the wall there it is just leaving the pocket to trap moisture there. It needs to dry out. I would soak her feet in one of the said treatments. If you find you are digging out yucky black very smelly stuff she has hoofrot. there is an antibiotic called LA 200 that is very usefull for treating hoof rot. Its a shot that is give every other day for three doses.
I have used it before with great sucess.
Hope they get better. Sounds like your husband loves them as much as you do!
Good for you on getting your goats into a better environment. By the way, when I first started doing my girl's feet, I was not trimming them as short as was needed because I was afraid of hurting them- the longer hoof wall caught more mud and I had foot rot problems. Since I have been trimming them shorter, I haven't had near the problem and I live in a temporate rain forest- talk about wet! I put out trails of rubber stall mats just so they can stay out of the mud.
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