Is there VA plants that can make goats act high?

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  1. xxindiangalxx

    xxindiangalxx xxindiangalxx

    Mar 19, 2017
    King William, VA
    Im am new here but curious. I have 3 goats, a boer and 2 Nigerian dwarf/pygmy. Every now and then they go to the back of my pasture which has a lot of brush and trees. When I call them up for the night, sometimes they come back acting really weird. All 3 have fully diluated (wide) pupils, acting hyper and eating 100 miles and hour. When they are done they just holler for more. They cant keep still. I get concerned for my safety even being in the pen with them. By the next morning they seem to start acting more normal. We are wondering if they are eating a plant that could be causing this. Any help would be great
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    Jun 26, 2017
    Surely it's possible. No? If they like it, it will be among the first to be depleted from the area and you won't have to worry about it much after that.

    So, unless you want to follow them around it's hard to tell. If you wanted to pursue it more in depth, you could get some field cameras and monitor them.

    That way you could collect some plants for yourself. :)
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    VA plants are so like KY plants that I would say if you do find a plant, please let me know, because I would not mind letting my "goats" try it as well.... I could probably grow it here for "them"....
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    On a more serious note, I do understand your worry. I second the laidback notion that they'll soon wipe it out, and I also second the idea of using a trail cam to figure it out. Sincere good lucks heading your way.
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    Jun 20, 2011
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    Any fruit trees with rotting fruit on the ground? Our cows used to get drunk off rotting apples, till my dad cut all the trees down in the pasture! How about wild hemp or its cousin? ( that would be marijuana)? Seriously! We live along a river and still find hemp growing because back in riverboat days, they planted hemp to make ropes.
    If deer and or goats eat enough of it, they get goofy!
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    I used to bring marijuana home from work to feed the goats as a way of destroying old evidence when we lost the use of an incinerator. Small amounts, but still. The goats ate it just fine but never seemed to act any different.

    Do you have high amounts of selenium in your soil? That can cause animals to behave oddly. Fermented fruits or berries will make them drunk.
  7. Jessica84

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    Oct 27, 2011
    I'm wondering if they are simply coming back hungry. Pot I never had a goat get into but we did have cows that we took to a friends place to feed off and they found a illegal crop. Those suckers went out of their mind! One cow that was usually totally laid back was out for blood when we tried to gather her. We do NOT keep anything that is wild or anything out of one that ends up being wild so their behavior was not normal for our cows
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    Mar 16, 2016
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    I used to live in VA & there was Jimson Weed growing there. You'd notice it--big white flowers almost like a morning glory but it's not a vine. The leaves are large & holly leaf shaped. It's a hallucinogen & is toxic if you eat or smoke enough. Scientific name might be Datura.