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Is this a good buy?

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Hi yall! Do yall think this is a good buy? I emailed the owner for more info and pics of the dam and sire. The owner said she has not been tested for CAE and Johnes, but their farm only accepts goats tested for CAE and Johnes.

13-month-old blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf doe. $200.00
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These are the pics he sent me of the parents:
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(Dam is the brown one)



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What do you want her for? If for milk you should check the dams udder and ask about production. Whether or not you are comfortable getting goats without knowing test results for at least CAE is up to you. For me / I would ask them to test her if you are interested. You pay if she is negative- they pay and keep the doe if positive.
I am wanting her for breeding purposes and to increase my herd. My homestead only accepts goats that have been tested for CAE and Johnes, but seeing as their farm does the same thing, I was wondering if she would be fine.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts