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Is this a good buy?

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Hi yall! Do yall think this is a good buy? I emailed the owner for more info and pics of the dam and sire. The owner said she has not been tested for CAE and Johnes, but their farm only accepts goats tested for CAE and Johnes.

13-month-old blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf doe. $200.00
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These are the pics he sent me of the parents:
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(Dam is the brown one)



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Welcome to the goat spot.
While I find most people are honest and upfront..there are some who are not and so better to err on the safe side. If your farm has a tested herd, I personally would be cautious bringing home untested goats. Even if the farm says they only buy tested goats..isn't a tested herd. Who is to say who they purchased from tested at all...? If you really like her..ask to test. As mentioned, you can offer to pay if she's negative and they pay if she's positive. If they refuse but you really feel she's a good could bring her home and pen her away and test her. I once got a great deal on 4 yearling adga Saanen does from a lady selling out. They were untested. I penned them away from everyone and tested. 3 out of the 4 were clean. I had those goats for years. So it can work out. Just know if she's positive she would most likely have to go, that can be hard when we grow attached so quickly. Weigh out the pros and cons. There are always other goats who maybe better suit3d and tested. Trust your gut.
If you do want her, do look at her and the rest of the herd in person before making a deal. $200 is a good price...
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