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Is this fish tail

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My goats had bolus’ February 20th and they have free choice purina goat minerals w 2500 ppm copper. They are not on well water. Their coats are a little rough and I noticed today their tails are looking fishy. Should I give a bolus again?


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So, I have a question. Our buck constantly has a fishtail. Doesn't matter when we've bolused, he's got one. We offer free-choice minerals and ARE on well water. We're thinking maybe it's the way the hair grows, but I'm just concerned there's something else. He's been like this his whole life. Could it be the well water? We can't really change that, but I guess we could bolus him more often. None of the others are like this.
Can you post pics
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Yeah, I'll do that in a bit.
Okay if you could include his whole body that would be great
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I would just give the correct copper dosage next time you bolus him. We have well water and bolus every 3 months too, when we don't, their coats get rough. His coat looks okay, I'm not seeing it in person though. You just don't want it to be coarse with hooked hairs.

Sometimes fish tail is permanent if the goat has had it for a long time

We use a weight tape on ours and then round up 10 lbs
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