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Is this fish tail

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My goats had bolus’ February 20th and they have free choice purina goat minerals w 2500 ppm copper. They are not on well water. Their coats are a little rough and I noticed today their tails are looking fishy. Should I give a bolus again?


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Yep fishtail.
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That is fishtail.

Well water with too much iron cancels out copper.

Getting a water filter system such as culligan water treatment system, they put in, what is called iron out, which will flush the iron out.

Giving the right dosage of copper bolus by weight is needed and if no improvement, you can follow up 4 months later until the hair is growing back on the tail head. Look closely at the tip, is it bald or has little hairs there?
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If the hairs are there, your treatment must of worked. I would trim the hair down level so the fishtail isn’t visible and watch to see if it continues to grow out.
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