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Is this mastitis?

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I have never had a goat with mastitis and a friend who just bought her first doe this week sent me this message last night:
"I was milking her tonight and realized her udder was warm and when I first tried to clear her teats to milk, her right teat wouldn't produce at first, until it built up a little pressure and then a big milk clod the size of a small pea shot out."
This morning she was milked and had a couple of red flecks but everything was normal. I told her that occasionally we will get a red fleck or streak and that in and of itself isn't unusual. This evening she sent this photo and said this was in her strip cup, what are your thoughts? She doesn't have a temp, is acting and eating normal.
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Definitely seems odd to me… I’d probably feed some milk back to the doe and make sure to give her plenty of vitamin c and garlic to help head it off. Won’t hurt her 😊
Can she test for mastitis? Do you know if the doe seems to feel like she’s in pain when milking?
Maybe a picture of the udder will help the experts on here figure things out for you guys.
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Does she know how to milk? Is she milking her out?
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