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Is this normal ?

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A couple of my sheep have this eye thing going on and Im not sure if its something minor or if its normal.

Thanks :)


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Is the skin actually separating or just the fur from the skin?
Is it a tear stain and a swollen bump? or is that actually an open wound type thing? The location I would worry about an infected/blocked nasolacrimal duct.
Can you get a better picture? It looks like an infected tear duct I saw in a cow once but not sure.
I believe its a dorper sheep friend has them and they have it and she said the higher the % or dorper the more pronounced it is......I'm not a sheep person that's just what she said
Thanks everybody for your help on this. I will definitely get a better picture and a better look at it tomorrow. I was thinking it was a sinus issue myself , but then the tear duct was mentioned , so idk. I hope its easily fixable whatever the heck it is , poor thing :( I will post a picture tomorrow AM ASAP .
I really appreciate you all :)
Yup, normal. looks like my sheep.:)
Can anybody post a picture of their Dorper sheep ? Just so I can compare.
Im going to get better pictures in a bit , thanks :)

It looks like a perorbital gland or lacrimal gland. Maybe your sheep are just very pronounced.
My dorpers never had that eye this new for your sheep or just noticed?
Hi guys , thanks for all the help :) I haven't had time to get a picture today.
Going to have to wrestle him tomorrow and get a better look. ( can't wait ) lol.
This is new to me and we just noticed it . I saw it before this but I just thought it was tear stain , obviously not now that I look at the picture.
Geez , I hope its not serious :(
I think it is just a scent gland. Elk and deer have them right below their eyes too and theirs will actually open and close to allow more scent in. I had two lambs recently, both had them but the rams were more pronounced. He was white like yours too.
I agree I don't think its anything to stress about.....kinda odd looking lol.
Ok , I took more pictures and i talked to my vet about it . He took a look at the pictures and said it is totally normal , its a gland and Arnie's is more pronounced then others :)
I didn't even have to tackle him to get the pictures today ! I just sat right next to their hay bucket and none of them seemed to mind , lol.
I practically had my phone in his face and he was very good about it.
The ewes were like "what the heck is this chick doing" , lol
I also took a couple shots of one of the ewes because she was being so cute ;) I was so pleasantly surprised how tame they were today !
Im really getting to love them more and finding out each one of their personalities :)

Sorry the pictures are so big , I don't know why that happens , but it's easier to see the gland , lol. ;)


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