Is your goat Stressed??????

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    well mine is so the vet says.

    I ran my own fecal float on her and I saw these things that I had no idea what they were. So I took her to the vet because she has lost all her hair and it is not growing back like all the others have. Well he let me show him what I was looking at in the slide. He told he those were STRESS RODS :shrug: :scratch: WHAT???????? How can she be stressed? I mean she lives in a very loving home, fed the best hay we can get and pampered all the time.
    Well he assured me it was NOT something I was or was not doing. He looked at her and she has NO hair on her ears, all over her face, around her butt, down her back and hips. Her face, ears and butt are SO dry. It looks like well I don't know how to say it other then maybe leather, it is gray and just dry and it has been really all her life. Well he did two skin biopsy's on her and drew blood. He said that for some reason he has seen a major Zinc dif. here. So he will have to give me something that goats can absorb. He said that goats can not absorb it like most all other vits. There is no reason for her dif, other then for some reason her body does not absorb it.
    Well, I am still waiting for the lab results to see for sure what it is.
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    oh thats interesting! always something with goats :roll:

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