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Yay! It was not only her due date but she kidded in the early me a chance to get some sleep tonight!!! What a good girl!

What did she have???


and then


Everything went SO well! Isabella was quiet and even her buddy, Margarita, was not yelling her head off this evening like she usually does. I went out to do chores and when I got to the goat barn...she was in active labor and a bubble was coming out. I ran for the house, grabbed my supplies, and by the time I got back to the barn the little boy was most of the way out!

I helped get his nose and face cleaned up and then just let her take care of him, licking him all over. Isabella is a pawer during labor so I kept a close eye on her feet and nudged them away when she got too close to him when pawing.

While she was licking him she started pushing again and the little girl whooshed out while Isabella was still standing up licking the buckling. I got her face cleaned up and just let mommy do her thing again. She is being a super good mommy and cleaned up the kids really well. It gave me a chance to get the messy bedding out and put in fresh bedding on the floor.

They are so cute!

I will try to find my camera and get pictures tomorrow...the buckling is black with a few white spots and brown points. The doeling is a mahogany brown with a black dorsal stripe and white spots! They both have frosted ears.

The doeling is EVERYTHING I was hoping for, I couldn't be happier! This is a WONDERFUL day!!!
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