It is the time of year to be on the look out. (for the new herder)

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    Its nearly time for your does to kid. there is nothing in the world as depressing as losing your doe to Ketosis or pregnancy toxemia.
    First Ketosis and Pregnancy Toxemia have similar symptoms but have totally different causes.
    Lets start with Pregnancy toxemia
    when you bred the doe she looked good not skinny not fat she was just right.
    now with a month before she kids, she is carrying 3 or more kids the kids are requiring a great deal of nutrition and taking up lots of space making it impossible for the doe to eat enough to fulfill the kids nutritional need. so she uses up all the fat she has to compensate then starts using her muscles. In short the doe is starving to death.
    if you are watching you will see the doe start to get pushed away from the grain feeder. she will be slow to get up off the ground and may stagger when she walks. if you do nothing she will not get up off the ground and in a day or two she will go in to a coma and die.
    to prevent PT from killing your doe if you see a doe not getting to the grain feeder separate the doe from the herd. feed her and give her molasses water keep her quiet don't let her wast energy. if you are lucky she will give birth and with in hours she will back on her feet.

    I have not had a doe go down for years so i do not remember what to do if the doe goes down. so would some one chime in here thank you.

    Now for Ketosis. when you bred the doe she was fat. now with less than a month to go she is using the fat to fulfill the kids needs. just like the other doe there is no room to eat enough. With ketosis as the fat is being consumed by the goat it leaves ketones in the mussel. when the ketones reach a certain level the doe will go down. there is no warning.
    prevention is the best course of action. you must act like all your goats will have ketosis.
    Ketones are burned up with exercise so make your goats move. Take the hay out of the lounging shed and move it to the far corner. put the grain feeder in another corner and the water and mineral in another. The more your goats move the better.
    I do this and i have not had ketosis for at least 12 years.
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    Great thread and great reminder of what to watch out for! I have a very large doe (she always looks 5 months pregnant, even though she was on a diet all summer) who is due in 3 weeks now and I've been keeping a very close eye on her. I've been giving my girls a vitamin C chew every day because I heard it was supposed to help prevent one of the issues you mentioned. But it's very early and I haven't finished my coffee, so I'm forgetting exactly which issue it was supposed to help :p

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    Thanks for the info.
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