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I am so sorry this is happening to you.

As I was reading this all I kept thinking was "you have to move out". I would not at all stay in a place that stressed me out like this. I am sure you all are living there to save money and all but the stress of it all is NOT worth it. Hun pack up and go. She might come to realize what she is doing and then again she might not think she is doing anything wrong. I had a step mother that was like that and well lets just say she died a very loanly person. Not even her own girls would talk to her.

When she would put her hair in braids, we all new we better watch out. really she turned into the Devil. Mean and hateful.

Good luck, if you ever need someone to talk to just PM me and I will give you my number. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}, I am so sorry hun you are having to deal with this.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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