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It seems your mother is very mad about the whole situation. If I am getting this correctly, you are pregnant right? That can be very stressful to some parents. Some take it very hard. Either they are very angry or they are very happy.

You are already feeling the pain of what it will be like, it will only get worse,when your fiance moves in there and you may get kicked out, if it is their property.
If you build a house, it will be devastating for what you put into it. But I do see this down the road, unless you have a contract in your favor.

I highly recommend that the both of you find another place to live and maybe buy a house for yourself.

Your mother should not talk to you the way she does, but it could be too, she is going through menopause, which gives very bad mood swings.

I don't know both sides but, what I am hearing is, you are better off going on your own and starting a new life elsewhere.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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