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Ivermectin Paste Dose

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I have been using ivermectin injectable orally, but my neighbor suggested I try the paste. Anyone use this? What brand and what dose?
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The paste is 3 times the horse dose. But if you are just going to get Ivomec, then you may as well stick with the injectable so that there is a choice. There are times when it does need to be injected like if a goat has mites.
Thats all I use when I use Ivermectin. I buy the Jeffers brand, buy 12 tubes for 2.25 and get the 13th one free. I buy a years worth of wormer at a time, so my order is mixed. The paste is given to the goats, horses and dogs. I get other types also, so I have plenty of different types for the different tyrpes of worms I might be targeting.
Ivermectin paste is made to be given orally, which is why the med is at 1.87% in the paste as opposed to the 1% in the injectable form.

A 6cc tube of ivermectin paste will worm a 1,250 lb horse... 1cc paste for every 250lbs. If you have a goat who weighs 80lbs, multiply by 3 to get a tripled weight of 240lbs... give 1cc of paste every 10 days for 3 doses.
It is important to get accurate weights so you do not under dose. With Ivermectin paste you can go a little over with dosing and it doesn't cause any problems.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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