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    Nov 7, 2011
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    I need to treat my goats, as they are itching and loosing fur too. I am still trying to see if the pour on is safe to use on pregger goats, and that question was not answered on this thread yet. Also, where on the goat are you supposed to pour it? Do you put it between shoulder blades like you treat dogs with flea preventative?
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    Oct 27, 2011
    I have used it on prego goats not knowing they were prego and mama and babys were ok. I would say they were late 2 months to early 3 months bred. I swear by the pour on!!! But this is your choice, I would feel so bad if something did go wrong, but I am going to be doing my prego does with it. Someone posted to put it in a syringe then place on the doe, this wont work, I tryed. It eats the rubber away and is soo hard to push it out, I would just go with the gun that you can purchase for the bottle, you click it to how many cc's you want, then shoot and it and fills right back up for you. Your does are loosing hair? Do they have scabs? If so, try not to get it on the scabs, but yes put between the shoulder, but to be honest I have yet to actuly get it in the right place. They say the shoulder because they cant lick it, and for that reason I will NEVER drench them with it. People say you can do it that way, but my choice is not to. Ok hope this helps you out.

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    Nov 7, 2011
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    No scabs, just flaky skin with hair loss. I decided to go for it. I did use the applicator that measured it that came with my bottle. I ran a line down their back because that is what the directions said to do. The female with the hair loss was fainting a lot after I treated her, but I was working on cleaning the barn, and I think the faints were from me spooking her with the giant garbage can. She would run out of the barn, miss the step, and faint. Within an hour or two, all of their itching stopped completely. It was amazing. I did not want to leave them in case they had a reaction, so cleaning the barn really well kept me out by them for several hours. Plus, now I know they have parasite free bedding. I hope that all is well with their babies, but they had to be treated, so I did what I needed to.
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    Oct 27, 2011
    I agree with you on doing it. its amazing stuff!! How far along are they? Poor girls, If I had fainting goats I would probably have a heart attack every time they fainted, but your story did make me laugh :)
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    Feb 28, 2011
    we have a vet coming out friday to diagnose what will more than likely end up being leg mites. When you say you put it on the affected areas, How are you putting it on their legs? does it not work if you just put it on their backs?
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    Just to make it very clear, do not use the pour-on orally. The injectable can be used orally. I've also used ivermec for my pet snakes and this information comes straight from the vet.
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    I believe the main point to make is that POUR on ivermectin is ONLY to be used EXTERNALLY.... in cattle, the external application helps rid the animal of INTERNAL parasites too.... butthis does not hold true for goats...the pour on will only kill the externalparasites. Please use only injectable ivermectin, or ivermectin horse paste if you give it orally.
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    20kids Using rubber gloves I spray it liberally on affected areas & rub in into the skin, especially around dew claws.
    This is the only way Ive done it, especially since it's in heels & lower legs.;)
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    Feb 11, 2013
    Can the Ivermectrin pour on be used on baby goats for lice? What is a safe age?
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    You can use it in very small amounts...I take a cotton ball and moisten it..then dab under arm pits...too much is not good..but lice is worse..
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    Hi, how much of the pour-on do you use per body weight of goat, if treating for lice? Thanks!!
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    Nov 27, 2012
    Can I ask how safe guard horse de worming paste is applied to goats ??
  13. libby

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    Nov 27, 2012
    1 cc per 20 lbs of body weight.
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    Studies at ag colleges have shown (I forgot which ones, i read the studies a few years ago) that pour on does not work on goats for internal parasites because of how fast their metabolism works. Even injectable doesn't worm as effectively given as an injection as it does orally. Again, it's because of the fast metabolism. Their bodies eleminate it before it can get to the worms.

    I have seen first hand how that stuff can burn the skin of sensitive goats. I had a friend who decided to use it as an easy way to de-worm. Those poor goats had their skin almost burned off, it blistered and became so raw, the hair fell out and bled. Cows have much thicker skin than goats, and the pouron was made for cattle.

    Ivermectin given orally will kill external parasites too.

    I use horse worming paste for my goats, horses and dogs. The Ivermectin and Quest (Quest is equal to Cydectin, only 4X stronger) horse paste is stronger than the livestock stuff. I buy the ivermection paste by the case for my critters. It's usually cheaper than the livestock wormers and I stock up on it when there is a sale. The horse dewormer is always given orally.
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    When using Horse wormer, what is the dosage?