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last weekend my little hen here came out of 3 weeks of hiding under the barn with these 8 little chicks (sadly we only have 6 now, seems my Hunter cat has been true to his name, so now Jaylow and babies r in a large crate safe from Hunter kitty)


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I had a boody hen until my dog killed her :cry: I love broody hens they are so cool. and then watching them with their chicks is priceless. I want another pet chicken (my mom has lots of chickens) but I don't know if I will get one just like my Little One :?

She was a banty which I hear are more broody then your average egglayer :?

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i don't know what peanut is
some chicks were let loose in our school as a prank
my daughter caught one and brought it home and said "mom please"
thought it was a rooster until she laid an egg in my husbands recliner
(raised in house as we had no other chickens but is now outside)
she's a speckled brown color and about half the size of my rhode island red hens
she is the one that is sitting
my daughter says there are about 5 peanut eggs and 5 large eggs under her
so she is hatching everyone's eggs :roll:
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