Joint Ill?

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  1. So I took off the wraps to my baby with the contracted tendons today. She's 48 hours old now. They are better but not perfect. Not on her knuckles but they need more work. However her right foot was warm-ish and swollen and painful to her. I THOUGHT I maybe had the wrap too snug possibly. Someone brought up joint ill. Looking just now her knee is a touch swollen too. It's only in this one leg. Her temp is 103.5. Fine otherwise, just doesn't want to put weight on her foot much.

    Can it happen that fast? If so, in one leg only? I have PenG and LA200 and no access to Baytril. Can I use those and what's the dosage? I really don't want to give it to her if that's not it but also I don't want to wait too long. Thoughts? Splinting issue or joint ill?

    It's the left foot in the pic...
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    Was her cord dipped? How does her navel look? It is early for joint ill but it can be seen as early as 3 days, and I don't want to discount that and risk her becoming seriously ill.

    Start with high doses of vitamin c. And what happy bleats said below.

    If you can get milk thistle and/or dandelion tea from the store, brew and drench it.

    If you end up treating for joint ill, If you only have LA200 I would give that, and Banamine.
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    48 hours old maybe too soon to fear Joint ill. I would ice it and give a few days to see if the wrapping caused it (has happened here before) AS long as she does not have fever. If there is fever, then I would treat.
  4. Yes I do their cords right after birth and then the next morning again. I use a chlorhexidine solution. I don't FEEL it's joint ill...but it was brought up and I want to make sure. I do have dandelion and milk thistle here and can do that now as well as the C.

    She still does not have fever. I just went out to check on her, I removed the wraps before posting this thread and let her be. She seems to be doing better. Swelling looks to be less, maybe gone but def went down. She's bearing more weight on that foot and seems to be walking better...though they still need more straightening. I had given her replamin (since I was out of ADE gel, just ordered more) and some Vit A. So I'm thinking NOT joint ill...but splinting error more likely. Glad to know it's happened to others...

    Thank you both...I'll still give her the herbs and vitamins as it won't hurt...but I'm thinking she'll be ok now...
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    Keep a close eye on her. Last year I had what I thought was a tendon issue since she was so young, which I also wrapped and thought maybe that was playing a part, and by the time I figured out it was joint ill it was too late for her. Joint ill is tough to beat so if you start questioning her getting better I would jump on just treating her. Goats don’t like to follow the rule book ;) but I do hope she simply has swelling from the brace
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    Im not doubting there’s swelling but have you taken a measuring tape to the knee? (The little sewing cloth type, use metric side) The babies markings make it difficult to really go by a visual.
    My guess is it’s from the braces you applied and babies legs just need to get her circulation going to reduce it.
    I’m just big on measurements now because Remus threw me off by his markings, the vet I took him to whipped out the little Measuring tape and put my fears to rest. It could have saved me the worry and the office visit fees if I had thought to do it.
    Just an idea.

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  7. Thanks, I'm def keeping a close eye on her! Def why I wanted to get an opinion so I could move quick. And they def don't like to follow the rules for sure...ugh...haha. ETA: how many times can I say definitely in a sentence hahahaha.

    Good idea! I could feel the swelling but it's gone!!! Nothing at all anymore, no more warmth either. So I'm assuming even though I thought it wasn't tight, it was too snug still. She's been without the braces and while not fully on her knees, she still has that bend to them. But she gets around just fine. She does take more breaks and lays down more than the others, and doesn't hippity-hop run around so much. I go out there 3-4 times a day and stretch and massage the tendons.

    You can see how she walks on them now...that's her on the left.

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    Such a good goat mommy!
    I mainly just wanted to point out that joint Ill definitely (I like that word too :p ) could come on at a young age, it just may not be overly common. But I think it’s safe to say in your case that is not the issue. Great job having a watchful eye on yours babies
  9. Oh I appreciate that! It didn't seem to be the norm's goats LOL
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  10. Just an update...Frenchie's legs are perfectly straight now! No joint ill...just the contracted tendons which took a little over a week to straighten!

    20201213_103919.jpg 20201213_103835.jpg

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    Yay!!! So glad to hear!
    What a cutie!!! :inlove:
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    Awww! She’s looking great!
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    So glad to see it was just contracted tendons! Such a cutie! You did GREAT!
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