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So Mamma Nachos kids are going to be two weeks old tomorrow. I'll start separating them at night so I can get all the morning milk.

Here is what I've gotten this week in the am:

mon: 12.14
tues: 14.13
wed: 11.88
thurs: 18.55!

And that was mostly out of one side as the kids had tapped the other side already!

I'm feeding her all you can eat graze, all you can eat orchard grass and alfalfa hay, plus alfalfa pellets on the stand and some sweet feed.

Anything else she needs to keep her production going up? Her weight is looking good. The kids are healthy and bouncing around like little maniacs.

I was so surprised to see her output about double today, and her not even being full on both sides. Usually when I've milked her she's actually not been feeding the kids yet that morning. So that really is a HUGE jump in production if you think about it.

And since she's a mix, is there any way to predict what her volume will get up to if I keep up the good feeding?

All my neighbors are like "WE WANT MILK! WE WANT MILK!". I don't drink milk, but they say hers is extra creamy for a goatie and very very good. Which is good I guess, if it doesn't hurt her to give away some of her milk.
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