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Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by pennylullabelle, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Just found out Ain't Misbehave'n Fandango (dam to my buck) just took Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe In Milk and Best Udder in an NDGA show! She now has 5 reserves! Or is this her 6th? Iunno, I'm just happy about it! :stars: Hoping to get an update on exactly how many she has from her current owner.

    This doe is a MCH in AGS, CH in ADGA (both are 3 Gr. Champs if I'm not mistaken) and has 2 Grands in NDGA with the additional reserves. Just waiting for that third NDGA and she'll be a Grand Champ across the board! :lovey:

    Is it May yet!!?? I want to breed my boy to my doelings so I can see those doelings!!

    Okay, I'm done celebrating! :drool:
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    Nov 24, 2009
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    :stars: Congrats!!!!

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    Awesome isn't it when you find that one of your kids has even more wonderful lines than what you knew....great that your handsome boy will be passing that on :thumbup:
  5. pennylullabelle

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    Oh yeah, I paid a fraction of what he is worth because the family bought him as a buckling and just didn't get addicted to goats...I don't know how they didn't get addicted, but I am not complaining because I got him! And his momma is AWESOME...his dad ain't so bad either (Old Mountain Farm Dan Seur).

    It's definately been a pleasant surprise to get such a nice boy to help me build my herd :love:
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    :wahoo: That is awesome!!! I bet his doelings are going to be WONDERFUL!!!

    Faint-Hearted Ranch
  7. Well, what a nice thing to find out about one's kids. Congrats!
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    Thanks for celebrating with me guys! You're awesome :grouphug: