Just daydreaming about milking one day...

Discussion in 'Dairy Diaries' started by logansmommy7, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    So, I am just getting started in the goat business. We currently have Nigis, 2 does (one preggo-one we are working on) and a buck, and 2 pet wethers. We always said when we started this that we might want to milk one day. Our vet came over the other day and really almost laughed when we said we might try milking our girls. He really didn't think that we woulud be able to get much milk out of them. But he did say-well-they are good dairy goats, but what if you bred your buck to a Nubian or Alpine doe-that would give you some good milk, if that's what we want. What are your thoughts? We are really newbies at this and the milking would be another whole NEW thing...but one day we might try! What are your thoughts on Nigis milking and/or crossing to get a really good milker? I'm thinking with the Nigis you are going to have to have REALLY good milking lines to get any quantity out of them.

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    Many people here have nigis and they do milk them. Some even give almost as much as a larger goat. You can breed a Nubian doe to a Nigerian buck and you would have mini Nubian's. If the doe is an Alpine, you get mini Alpines. Please do not breed the other way around as you will have train wreck births with the doe being too small for the large babies. Bear in mind that your vet is a bit off, ALL female goats will give milk. It doesn't matter if they are a dairy breed or a meat breed, they ALL give milk.

    Welcome to the world of goats.

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    well i know you have a lot of kids in the family (if your FB is to be trusted) but with two ND goats in milk you should be able to supply enough milk for everyone unless they are HUGE milk drinkers.

    FF give less milk then 2nd or 3rd freshioners obviously so you might have to wait another year to get the high yield you here people talking about with their nigerians if your does are FF.

    Whats the size of your herd you plan on keeping? If you need the milk this year then consider purchasing a doe in milk when someone is having a herd reduction :)
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    i would have mocked your vet.. my nigerian 2nd fresh doe milked as much as my yearling FF lamancha doe last year.. my house runneth over in milk with just one nigerian and one lamancha.. and they BOTH HAVE KIDS
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    Interesting info...thanks guys! I am probably going to not end up milking this year, but wait until I have more does..I hope my girls will give me girls for future milking! Glad to know my original thoughts on Nigis is correct...I was thinking they give more milk than the average person would expect from mini goats. Again-thanks!