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Just Skinny?

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My little black nubian dwarf baby only a few weeks old has a different body shape than the other two.

The other goats have little round tummies and you can't really see their hips. Of the others that look round one was the biggest in his little of 4 and the other was the only goat in his litter, so I imagine they got the most milk. This little black goat is concave between his ribs and legs and while he eats the same as the others his tummy seems to be smaller(..?)when I check it to see if he's full. If that's possible? I also can see his hips. I am not sure about goat coats but his also always looks ruffled too. I've given him and the others some probiotics but I've only had them for about 3 days. I just want to get him off to a good start. He is happy otherwise.. up to crazy goat antics, but I am not an expert so I thought I'd ask.

I bought him from a man that also sold me another baby goat and that one looks awesome, as did the rest of the goats in his herd, but I wonder if this one just went unnoticed? or he's just naturally thin :confused:
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His coat looking "ruffled" is a little worrisome to me - in my experienced that look means they're either cold or ill or both...
I'm assuming you have him on the bottle - is he eating a set amount or do you feed him until he's done?
Is this something new since you've gotten him or did he look like this when you picked him up?
Could be he has cocci or worms as well...I would have a fecal done to see,and ask for cocci check, take his temp be sure something isnt brewing there...

How much does he weight and how much do you feed him..also what is he being fed? some babies may need bottles broke down a bit more, so to be fed more often but total the same amount needing, also if you use replacer, some do not do wel on it, and so switching to whole cows milk may make a difference..
He looked like this when I got him, I just didnt' really realize until I was holding one and then the other and then him. He has goats milk bottles, and he eats about 15-20oz a day I would guess, it's sort of a free for all where I have three bottles and they go frenzy on me and when it's all said and done everyone is disinterested in anymore. I let him eat as much as he wants.

I don't know about weight actually. If I had to guess I would say maybe 9-10 pounds probably? I'll weigh him when I get home.
I'm not sure how to do a fecal on him either. They are currently pooping the little milk poops.
Here you can kind of see it, his legs and then it curves in and then his ribs.

Or maybe the others are porkers..
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with fecal, gather fresh poop from them and take it to the vet to have them look at it. any vet can look for parasites.
Looking at the 3 I can see that the black and white one is going to be bigger then the others and is growing tall right now. He has much bigger bone then the other 2. He will slow down on height and fill out in a little while. Then he'll thin out and grow tall for a while again.
He doesn't look too bad to me at all. A fecal wouldn't hurt, of course. Make sure that he is getting a full share of grain to help that growth.
they sure are cute...I agree with goat hiker...still gather poop and have a fecal done just to give you piece of mind...
Goats milk is of course perfect food for them : ) Careful not to over feed,
if you take their weight in pounds and multiply that by 16 to get it in Oz then multiply that by 10% to see how much they need in a 24 hour period...then divide in 4 feedings a weigh them weekly and adjust milk amount as needed...You want to see a firm belly, not sunken or pop belly...;) Best wishes
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