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Just some of our Goats at Cedar Hawk Ranch

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Here are a few of our goats and there names in order:
Cedar Hawk Ranch Coco's Full Moon - 97% doe born 2/24/13
Cedar Hawk Ranch Frosty Ember - 88% doe born 2/6/13
Cedar Hawk Ranch Black Hawk Ninja - FB Buck born 3/1/13 (For Sale)
Cedar Hawk Ranch Rebel's Milkshake - 94% doe born 1/26/11
Moet - FB doe born 3/10/12
Majestic's Princess - 75% doe born 3/5/07
CWRR Sprouting Santeria - 50% doe born 1/16/12
Cedar Hawk Ranch Ruby's Edge of Glory - FB doe born 1/23/12
Night Ryder - FB Buck born 1/24/12
Cedar Hawk Ranch Zena Warrior Princess - 88% doe born 4/28/09


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They look great.
Thanks everyone
Our herd is coming along quite nicely we are working on getting an all black herd but right now we are just into the colored boer's :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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