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Juvenile goat pack

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Would like to start packing very light loads with my yearling boys. My concern is that the packs I buy will not fit them very long. Is there a pack that will be useful later or is there a market for used juvenile sized packs?
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I am using a dog pack on Legion and really like it. Fits very well and because its all fabric, not odd pressure points.
Joe, this is the age old question. My feelings are that buying packs for juveniles is a waste of money. They can't carry much anyway and by a year old or so they can fit into a standard saddle. Having something on their back isn't a necessary part of their training early on so my general recomendation is to take them hiking as often as possible and when they reach 125lbs or so then invest in a regular saddle and you are good to go.
Thanks Rex. My boys are right at 100# now. Won't be long. :D
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