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    Chapter Two

    You know how we met. You know that we formed a Mutual admiration society. Now I'll tell you about Katie's first 'sleep-over' in Florida.
    Of course sane people DO NOT let goats into their home---no, I've never claimed that Frank & I were sane---- We did it to see how Katie would react being away from her Mom and the farm for the first time. We really prepared for THE visit. We bought diapers, onesies, 'Poise' pads, a traveling crate and dishes for her very own.
    WE WERE READY!-----------------BUT-----------------Katie wasn't!
    If you've never seen two adults try to chase down a little goat in a 12' X 15 room filled with furniture, you have not lived! My but that little goat can run. Under the chairs. Over the chairs. ON the chairs. Behind the chairs. Under the table. Weaving in and out through the table legs. Through our legs. Through our hands. It was a really tough job, catching that goat.
    This is what we finally had to do: Wear ourselves out and sit down to take a rest. AND THEN Katie went over to Frank and promptly jumped up on his lap. I think she whispered in his ear "save me from that crazy woman" but I'm not sure and Frank won't tell.
    Into her onsie she went! Just in case you haven't figured it out,
    We fed her supper and she, very politely, asked for seconds----as you can see in the picture.


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    Re: Katie-Chapter 2

    Candy, Miss Katie has certainly been a blessing to you and DH....what a sweetie!

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    Probably should of read chapter 1 first. LOL! Sounds like a great pet.
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    Sep 20, 2008
    What a cute lil' bug!

    She sure sounds like she is still living up to her :angel2: angelic reputation. :)

    Is she going to be a house goat?
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    that story about the chase ....sounds so hysterically funny.. :ROFL: .that would of been something to see........ I can picture it in my head....too funny... :ROFL:
    she is truly a goat with character .....love the pics and both story chapters.... :) thanks for sharing...