Katie Chapter 3

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    Chapter Three

    Then it was bedtime. Katie was used to her onesie and was actually walking around in the Florida room, making herself right at home. No crying. No fussing. No trying to eat everything in site. No problem! WRONG!!!!!
    As soon as we got out of her sight she started to bleat VERY loudly. Frank brought her carrier in the house and put her in the living room with him so they could watch TV together. I attempted to go to bed. Katie missed me so much, she put up a terrible fuss. Out of the carrier she came. Frank put her beside him, on the couch. Katie was fine and I made my second attempt at bed. Katie missed me and the whole noisy part started all over again. We finally ended up with Katie--- in her carrier---in our bedroom. Lights out---more noise---we ignored her---it got worse---Lights on! We were sure we would get complaints from the neighbors or else someone would call 911 to report some kind of abuse happening at 4710 Dove Drive. The end result of all this is that I SLEPT WITH A GOAT!!!! I was under the cover. Katie was on top. Thank the good Lord for onesies! She DID try Frank's bed, about 3 AM, but he quickly let her know that there was a limit to what 'Pappy' would put up with!
    Second night---same thing. By now Katie was feeling pretty sure of her placement in our family---#1. No matter how often we tried to explain to her that she was NOT the boss, we couldn't get it into her head and it was time to travel!
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    My DH about had a fit when my Bootsie tried to "steal" his couch! I can only imagine his reaction if she had been on his side of the bed :ROFL: