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Hello :) I am very new to this- AKA I don't have any goats yet.. I have been doing tons of research over the past 7 years, though (raising goats is a lifelong dream) and I am finally in a place where I can get my goats!

I am most interested in milk goats and am definitely going to get Nubians. I am interested in fiber goats too, and have an opportunity to get a small herd of registered Pygoras for reeeally cheap. I have read that there are different nutritional needs for milk vs fiber animals, so I was just wondering if anyone has experience with keeping Nubains and Pygoras together and if they had any issues?

I have about 2 acres of land with a looot of roughage of all different types (long and short grasses, bushes, trees) and am planning on keeping all of the goats in that area... so my question is more related to grain and mineral additions. Do I need to have different grains and/or minerals available to the different breeds, and if so, do I need to feed them in separate areas?

Any help is appreciated.. I am suffering from way too much book learnin' and no experience!
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