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  1. I just realized I was born in Tampa Fl. One more thing we have in common. I can't beleive I did not see that. Small world. Shoot, we could actually know a lot of people. In fact I know you know the farm I was raised on, Turkey Creek Stables.

    Well, just thought I'd add that bit to you. lol Sorry, easily exsited. lol
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    that is neat JD.... :greengrin:

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    Dec 27, 2009
    Well, hello!!! And a big shout-out!!!

    I've heard of Turkey Creek - not far from Brandon, right???

    I've had mostly Saddlebreds and Morgans and rode/kept my horses at Five Gaits Farm over in Carrollwood.

    My husband and I bought our home just north of Tampa in Wesley Chapel. Property is just so much less expensive up here & the taxes were much lower.

    ...much as I love our set-up here, my husband and I are looking forward to leaving Florida and its heat!!!

    Big hug!
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    Dec 27, 2009
    ...I also wish you were still here so I could buy another one from someone who cared enough about their goats to be a member of a learning community!
  5. Yes, it is outside of Brandon near Plant City. That is so funny that you got your house where you did. When I lived there that area was nothing but fields. LOL I have heard the growth is crazy. I know Brandon is it's own city and funny thing is until that mall got put in, nothing exsited there either. I was Raised in Seffner and I can remember when there was just a corner store and a Kash N Trash, that's what we called them growing up. LOL Now a day the groves and strawberrie fields we played in are solid houses. I was very glad to leave that area. We went to the other cost where I lived until I was 25. I was very glad to leave that side of the state. I even more so am glad to be out now. I love FL don't get me wrong I have great memories and fun times but for the most part I am not a heat person and I burn so much in FL I am not a beach person. You take those to out and you have very littel reason to stay and I love it here.

    As for getting a goat, that can still be arranged. I have an airport here that I can use. hehe Then again, maybe you all will move up here. Once you get in you can't help but love it and the location is great a few hours or less in any one direction you are in another stand and having fun. But I am a country boy at heart. Most people never got that about me in FL. SO long a I never left Turkey Creek I was happy. When I left I thought only how I would be back with my horses, and they will be here one day but until then the goats are filling my need for a farm in a HUGE way. I could not amagine life without goats now. LOL
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    Dec 27, 2009
    Hahahaha! When we built our house here (in a deed-restricted development), there were cows just beyond our backyard. So you're not wrong - it WAS wall to wall cows/pasture out it's wall to wall with real estate development (20% are empty due to the problems w/loans, poor economy, unemployment, etc)! State Rd 54 is being widened right now to 6 lanes.

    As for Brandon - I haven't been there since they built the is - like you said - choked with traffic! No more dairy farm as you get off I-75 at Hwy60!!!!

    My husband and I will be moving north in 3-4 years as soon as our daughter is out of high school. We're looking at the N.C. area as we have family up there.

    Like you - I'm not a beach person, and my husband and I are miserable in the heat. We're outa' here! ASAP!
  7. That is so funny you say that. I moved to NC before I came to AR. LOL I worked in Greensbrough. I did like it there but jobs were not as good. That is not why I moved. I moved because my best friend was going back to FL and I was not there long. At the time I had family moving here so I elected to come. Since then my best friend and his family has left FL and moved here and my dad has moved back to FL. LOL I am now on my 5th going on 6th year here. I am very happy and have gotten a very good job so all so far is working out. :pray: I am just making sure I keep my thoughts with God in hopes things will stay that way. LOL. I don't plan to leave and hope things done put me in the spot where I need to. LOL Not that is should but life is funny that way.