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Kid questions

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I got two 6 day old goats yesterday who I named Joey and Benji. I've never had goats this young and I have a few questions. They were basically being starved and are skin and bones.

1) They are extremely uncoordinated, wobbly, and topple over occassionally. Is this normal for their age?

2) They peck at me like birds and butt me with their noses. And they bite (not hard, they just nibble). Why?

3) Are there any supplements I can give them at this age to help improve their health? (I don't think they are sick, they were just starving)

4) Their knees look abnormally large for their bodies. Is this something that will improve as they put on weight? All of their bones are prominent, not just their knees.
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If they were starved then they are weak. That would be why they are still stumbling around at this age. Keep feeding them as you've been told by others on this forum. Keep it slow in building up amounts as they can go downhill fast if they get too much milk and get the scours....not something you want to deal with after everything else you've dealt with lately. Within a week or less that should change drastically and you're going to be asking us how to slow them down!

They are babies. Just like human babies they are sensing with their mouths. Everything is nibbled, tasted, etc. It's rather annoying, but normal. At least they aren't much like puppies and will chew up everything you own! They "peck" at you because you are essentially "mom" and that's how they would get mom to give them milk. Watch any baby animal suckle and they "butt" at the milk source continually...that triggers milk let down.

I don't think there are really any supplements at this age. Just milk. Their bones should all become less prominent as they get good food and start growing like they should. In about 2 weeks you can start leaving some hay and goat pellets out for them to nibble on. Can you get access to corn husks? Stupid, but they absolutely LOVE those dried out husks. I've seen 2 day old babies nibbling on them when they blow into the pen. (since been told that's where all the nutrients are in the dried maybe it's not so stupid after all)
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Thanks for the advice!

I thought of another question that I may get jumped on for. I am a smoker. I don't smoke inside and I wash my hands after I smoke before touching the goats. Could I still be accidentally be passing on lingering nicotine? Aside from quitting smoking, what can I do to prevent them from getting nicotine from me?
I know a lot of people that smoke and have animals. I don't think you have anything to worry about...other than your own lungs. :greengrin:
You could give a few squirts of Nutra drench, B complex and Selenium vit e gel to help strengthen the kids...
Be sure to weigh them to get the amountof milk to give...feed them whole cows milk rather than replacer

heres how to get how much per day they need

weigh them and multiply that by 16 to get there weight in oz
multiply that by 10%, which is how much they need in a 24 hour period
the divide into 3-4 feedings....

The pecking is them looking for a bottle..dont let them guilt you into feeding more milk..too much will make them sick...

Best wishes
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