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    Nov 20, 2020
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    Hello! I have owned goats for a little over a year now but am still fairly new to diagnosing and treating different illnesses. This is also my first time posting on the goat spot but I would really appreciate some feedback on my 10 week old buck. He has been treated twice already for pneumonia and coccidia, his latest treatment being two weeks ago. These past couple days his stool has loosened again and his eyes have been very the point where the hair under his eyes and down to his jaw are wet from the discharge. Today his stool is starting to look more normal but his eyes are still letting off discharge. He is also acting like a normal kid with good energy and appetite so I am not sure if this might just be due to the fact it has gotten colder outside. Have any of you all dealt with this before and could it possibly be an eye infection? If so what would be the best way to go about treating it?
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    Welcome to TGS. Please stay. You will learn allot.
    You can start by maybe wiping his eyes with saline water? See if there isnt a dust particle in there?
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    Hello welcome!
    Has he had a fecal test since the last deworming? My does will get very snotty when it starts getting cold, so maybe it’s just that.
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    Take his temperature. Do take another fecal if he hasn't had one since last wormed. If this is something new, you can flush the eye, or try some teramycin ointment.
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    Cold temps can cause watery eyes but do need to make sure he doesn't have irritation in them. Use saline like contact wearer's use to flush his eyes out. If his eye look good, no redness or pus..then most likely the cold weather. If eyes do look irritated then the terramycin cream is a good idea.
    Do get his temp as well and send off a fresh fecal to be sure all is well there. is a great place to send a fecal sample. Its only $6 a test.
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    I would have a vet look at him and do a fecal for worms and cocci.