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I have a doe kidding soon. she wasn't supposed to be bred but SHE got to the buck while I was gone. she's a bit over a year old, but smaller than I'd like. so nervous about how kidding will go...if anyone has tips..about kidding positions..problems..etc. anything I should know about smaller does kidding.

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Make sure she's up to date with her selenium and vitamin e gel or BoSe, Make sure she has some form of alfalfa preferably hay but pellets work and monitor her daily for changes so you can be there to help if needed.

Here's a great print out on kidding positions and how to help if you need to.

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So much can go wrong.
The list is long.

Just be there for her when she kids.
When she is in true pushing labor, remember the 30-45 minute rule.
If no kids are on the ground, wash up and go in. Or call a vet out.

What you want to see is, two hoofs and a head, in diving position.
If you just see a head and no feet, gently push the head back in, so you can feel for at least one leg and get it into forward proper position.
She will resist and push against you, so, you will have to wait until she stops pushing, to push the kid back or get your hand in there.

Some goats scream bloody murder, when they kid. It is painful in itself.
Just try not to tear the doe inside or outside.
If she tears inside, she may bleed out. So be very careful, do no wear rings, cut down finger nails. Nothing sharp.

You can pull the kid with one leg, which has the head presented in proper position.

If you cannot find the head and only feel legs, get a vet out right away, that is the hardest position to have, when you are new to kidding.

Beach, seeing two back legs is OK to just pull them out, but get them out quickly, as their cord may be severed coming out that way. They will have no oxygen at that point. And may die before you get them out.

If she is pushing and 30-45 minutes has passed with no bubble present, she is in trouble.
She may not of dilated.
You will have to try to manually stimulate her, by gently going in with your fingers, working around the edges to get her to dilate, then after a little while you can get your hand in there.
If you cannot dilate her within minutes, she may need a C-section.

I can go on and on.
When she gets ready to kid, you can come here for help. Or call a vet, as soon as she goes into active pushing labor.

If she has tangled kids call a vet.

Make sure you know front legs from back legs. Think on how they bend to know which one is which.
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