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Discussion in 'Kidding Koral' started by barnyard, Mar 15, 2009.

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    Feb 10, 2009
    I have a 5 yr old Saanen who is due March 26. I bought her bred and this is the date that the owner gave me. She did seem to keep good records. Her udder is huge, though not strutted. She has been doing the stretch thing and showing mucus for 2 weeks and as of 2 nights ago I cannot find or feel her ligs anymore. I am baffled as I thought when the ligs were gone kids came. Any thoughts?
    Also, what are the chances that she has raised her own kids before? I know a common practice has been to pull kids imediately for reasons like CAE. I want to be able to leave the kids with her. Do you think there is a good chance this will work?
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    Is all you can do is wait and see if she will accept kids.

    Although some do pull kids - the majority do not - so don't worry! I like to damn raise mine unless there is a reason that they can not - but others may have different practices.

    Ligs can be gone for a bit, but sometimes if you check them right after they pee - they are gone and come back, and some does just loose them early - just start keeping an eye on her!

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    The stretching is a good sign. Have you read the "Does Code of Honor"? It'll help you understand just "what she is doing"! Good luck, hope she has an easy delivery and heathy kids!
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    Sounds like babies are on the way!

    My does do those deep belly stretches a week before they are due....and t does sound like you should have kids next week!

    If she has kidded before but never had chance to mother her babies, it will be a wait and see type thing for her, if you can b with her when she delivers, get the kids nose and mouth clear and get it in front of her to clean off, she'll either do it instintively or she won't know what to do.....chances are that she will want to be a mom :hug:
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    babies soon......... :hug: :wink:
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    Yea, more babies very soon. :clap:
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    Most does know what to do. But if she doesnt go to licking them right away help by putting some of the birth fluids on her nose and then put the baby near her, she should start cleaning the baby. Make sure you do clean the baby's airway first though. Good luck and keep us posted