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I hope everyone enjoys doing this each year as much as I do.

If you could put when your doe kidded and if she had :kidblue: or :kidred: and how many that would be awesome. This way we can see if it is a buck or doe year.

Try to just use one Post and just edit it every time they kid. That way this doesn't end up 30 pages long.

At the end of the year I will add them all up so 1 post please everyone.

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Sky X Paintball Due date:01/08/12 Kidded: 1/11/12 :kidblue:

Jasmine X Paintball Due date: 01/10/12 Kidded: 01/10/12 :kidred: :kidred: :kidred:

Joy X Paintball Due date: 01/11/12 Kidded:01/05/12 :kidblue:

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Re: Kidding Talley for 2011

(pssst - don't you mean 2012?)

Eclair X Suede Due date 4/10/12

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Cinnabar x Predator Kidded Jan 17th: :kidred: :kidblue: :kidblue:

Fervent x Cal Kidded Jan 21st: :kidred: :kidred:

Texanna x Cal Kidded Feb 17th: :kidblue: :kidblue:

Tornado x Silver-Shadow TSU Monsoon Kidded Feb 21st: :kidblue: :kidblue:

Grace x Silver-Shadow TSU Monsoon Kidded Feb 22nd: :kidblue: :kidblue:

Penny x Cal Kidded March 23rd: :kidblue: :kidred:

Tulip x Cal Kidded March 19th: :kidblue: :kidblue: :kidred:

Vegas x Cal March 24th Kidded: :kidred: :kidred:

All done for the year! Total of 7 Does and 11 Bucks

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Honey "B" x Jim Bean 1-18 :kidblue: :kidblue: 1 was DOA (breech aspirated fluid)
Opal x Puff Daddy 2-24 :kidred: // and a :kidblue: DOA (umbilical cord detached at belly prebirth)
Flash Dance x Puff Daddy 2-24 :kidblue: :kidblue:
Sasha x Puff Daddy 2-29 :kidblue:
Pocahontas x Willow 3-3 :kidblue: :kidred:
Talia x DK 3-3 :kidblue: :kidred:
Shadow x Willow 3-4 :kidred: :kidred: :kidred:
Janus x DK 3-5 :kidblue: :kidred:
Chocolate x Willow 3-6 :kidblue: :kidred:
Bridget x Easu 3-10 :kidred:
Vanessa x Big Thunder 3-10 :kidred: :kidblue:
Larissa x Pedro 3-16 :kidblue: :kidblue:
Damsel x Tarragon 3-16 :kidred: :kidred:
Mango x Willow 3-19 :kidred:
Lola x Tarragon 3-20 :kidblue: :kidred: :kidblue: kid 3 was found dead in sac :( I missed him
Sam x Tarragon 3-24 :kidred: :kidblue:
Latte x Willow :kidred: :kidblue: :kidred:
Amberly x Willow 3-26 :kidblue:
Yoncalla x Willow :kidblue: :kidblue: :kidred:
Mia x Willow :kidblue: :kidred:
Goldie x Pedro :kidblue:
Amalie x Pedro :kidblue:
Madeline x Pedro :kidblue: :kidblue:
Sara x Pedro :kidblue: :kidblue: :kidblue:
Marigold x DK :kidblue: :kidblue:
Agatha x DK

More details are on my breeding lineup page. I also have Jr's that won't be bred until Spring for Fall kids.

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Atlantis X Puffy due March 9th: :kidred: :kidred: :kidred:
LulaBelle X Buckaroo due April 7th: :kidred: :kidred: :kidblue:
Daisy X Fu Manchu due April 12th: :kidblue:
Pebble X Buckaroo due April 27th: :kidred: :kidred:
Susan X Bam due May 25th: :kidblue:

Done for the season! 7 does and 3 bucklings
Now I need to figure out who goes...

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Everyone here is due end of Feb & early March.
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Bona Fide Dairy Goats

Katie x Jed (March) :kidblue:
Patsy x Price (April)
Sweet Pea x Oatis (April)
Maggie x Oatis (April)
Dee Dee x Oatis (April)
Sundae x Price (April) :kidred: :kidred: :kidblue:
Simply x Price (April) :kidred: :kidblue: :kidblue:
Scarlet x Oatis (April) :kidblue: :kidblue: :kidred:

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Mabelline X Legacy (April 15th) kidded :kidred: :kidred: :kidblue:

Stella X Avalanche (April 16th) kidded :kidblue: :kidred:

Peach X Legend (April 17th) kidded :kidblue:

Sydney X Avalanche (May 8th) kidded: :kidblue: :kidblue:

Happy Kidding everyone! :thumb:

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Here are my girls who are due this year

Cinnamon x Malgus kidded : 12/31/11 twins: :kidblue: :kidred:
Oreo x Malgus kidded : 2/11/12 single :kidblue:
MJ x Zorro kidded : 3/14/2012 single :kidred:
Leia x Malgus kidded : 3/21/2012 single :kidred:
Molly x Malgus kidded : 3/21/2012 twins :kidblue: :kidred:
Lexi x Malgus kidded : 3/21/2012 single :kidred:
Ariel x Malgus kidded : 3/22/2012 Twins :kidred: :kidred:
Felucia x Malgus kidded : 3/23/2012 Twins :kidred: :kidred:
Mocha x Hoss : 3-23-2012 Single :kidblue:
Big Bertha x Hoss kidded : 3-24-2012 Twins :kidred: :kidblue:
Ebony x Zorro kidded : 4-7-2012 Twins :kidred: :kidblue:
Midnight x Hoss kidded :
Hanna x Hoss kidded :
Abby x Hoss kidded :
Pumpkin x Malgus kidded :

Total so far:
:kidred: 11
:kidblue: 6

Some of these may not have taken...thinking :kidred: :kidred: for everyone :)

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Ziva X Boots - :kidblue: :kidred: :kidred:
Angie X Rider - :kidblue: :kidblue:
Flash Point X Boots - :kidred: :kidred:
Sadie X Puff (March 3rd) -
Sweet Pea X Rider (March -15th) -

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Ok I'll add mine:

Cree x Zambra (February 15)
Clover x Knight (February 24)
Diamond x Knight (March 5)
Sioux x Knight (March 10)
Honey x Knight (March 12)
Caroline x Duke (April 20ish-she had a five day heat)
Marcie x Duke (~April 15-she was with the buck for a week)
Blizzrd x Knight (May 13)
Precious x Knight (May 21) - if she settles this time
Lucy x Duke (June 1)
Shazam x Knight (May 21) - if she settles this time

This is more kiddings than we have ever had-glad they are spread out!

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Phoenix X LB (Jan 1-9th) Kidded
Dove X Top Gun (Jan 9-17) Kidded
Widget x LB (Jan 9-17) Kidded
Delight x Top Gun (Jan 9-feb 1st) Kidded
Bell x Bruce Wayne (Jane 9th-Jan 17th) Kidded
Blanc x Larkin (Jan 25th) Kidded
Freckles x Larkin (Jan 31st) Kidded
Ariel x Septre (Feb 14th) Kidded
Lolita x Septre (Feb 17th) Kidded
Nocturne x Septre (Feb 15th) Kidded

Asides Dove, Freckles, and Blanc- Kidding dates are approximate as we pen breed. All are confirmed via u/a however. :)
Asides Bell and Delight, I'd like you all to think bouncing happy healthy doelings for us as well please. :)

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I have yet to have a "Doe" year so heres to hoping I finally have one! Im so jealous at how many does everyone seems to have!

Marigold X Snickers(DUE Feb 14th) Kidded: :kidblue: :kidred:

Cookie X Jasper(DUE Early March) Kidded:

Corona X Sage(DUE March 14th) Kidded:

Lotus X Courageous(DUE April 1st) Kidded:

Beverly X Max(DUE April 5th) Kidded:

Georgia X Titan(Not bred yet) Kidded:

Junebug X ?? (Not bred yet) Kidded:

Margarita X ?? (Not bred yet) Kidded:

Hoping for LOTS of :kidred: :kidred: :kidred: :)

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Dancin' Bobcat Due 1/20/12 kidded: not pregnant
Almond Joy Due sometime from 1/1 to 3/15/12 :kidblue: :kidblue: :kidred:
Carousel Waltz Due sometime from 1/1 to 3/15/12 :kidblue: :kidblue:
Auburn Due sometime from 1/1 to 3/15/12 :kidred: :kidred: one was DOA
State of Grace Due 3/11/12 :kidred: :kidred: and a DOA :kidblue:
Just Jewel Due 3/13/12 :kidred: :kidred: :kidblue:

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Hollow Ache-R Binkey X Ol'Country 38 Murphy 1/31/2012 delivered 2/2 :kidblue: :kidblue:
Boggs Whitetail Ranch Penelope X Ol'Country 38 Murphy 3/8/2012 :kidred: :kidred: :kidblue: :kidred:
Angel X Ol' Country 38 Murphy 2/22/2012 :kidblue:

Each of these dates are for 145 days and the time to be is creeping up on me FAST! :hair:
Healthy happy deliveries and my first set of quads!
Total is :kidblue: :kidblue: :kidblue: :kidblue: :kidred: :kidred: :kidred:

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Faint-Hearted Ranch 2012 kidding Tally:

Pizzaz X Delight: Due Jan. 21,2012;
Gunner X Ember: Due March 18, 2012;
Gunner X Peek-A-Boo: Due March, 2012;
Moose X Raindrop: Due April, 2012;
Moose X Rosey: Due April, 2012;
Moose X Pebbles: Due April, 2012
Gunner X Socks: Due end of April,2012

****** X Star: Due September, 2012
Chewy X Fern: Due September, 2012
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