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Yeah, to healthy births!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our first doe was acting weird yesterday (going in circles, putting just her front feet up on a rock, being extra vocal) so we were checking her every hour or so. My husband went to bed and I stayed up and then finally I went to bed and set the alarm for midnight. I went out at midnight and my husband (Russ) was sitting out there and Frankie (the doe) was just starting to have contractions. We moved her in to the kidding pen in the barn and about 10 minutes later, a foot came out (no bubble, just a foot). Finally she pushed for about 15 minutes or so and then a buck was born. Perfect delivery, one foot then the other, then the nose squashed on top of those two feet. Not much pushing and the kid came out. I held him upside down for a few seconds and we put him in front of mom on a puppy training pad (those are awesome). Frankie started licking right away. We had read about 'bouncing' a goat to see if there are more and Russ did this and concluded we were good. We weighed the kid and he was 11 pounds. We named him Elvis as he is the first goat born. We have bought other 'day old' goats but none had ever been our goats that delivered on our property. Since there was only one we left him with mom to nurse (which is going great). This doe is the one that has the mass in her udder and I wasn't sure if she would produce milk. You can still feel the mass, but she has milk on both sides. I went out about midnight and Elvis was born at 12:45.

Today our other doe (Callie) was acting weird and about 6:50 pm she started having contractions. She was a screamer and both my human kids were wanting to watch. My son kept leaving because he didn't like the noise - I didn't like the noise either. Callie was pushing out a bubble and you could see one foot and a squished nose with a tongue hanging out the side. After 25 minutes of this bubble and only seeing one foot and the nose, I called a breeder and asked for advice. While doing this the bubble popped and my husband had a hold of the foot so it wouldn't go back in with the head and I was feeling for the other foot and I felt the foot back so ahhasl;kdfja;sd, what to do?????????? Russ said we needed to get him out and so we pulled on one of her contractions and out came a girl. I thought she was dead, I was crying, my human kids were probably freaked out. After hanging her upside down for just a second and wiping her nose, she started coughing. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! Oh, so happy. She is fine and was doing great. She was getting cleaned and I ran in the house for two seconds and my son is at the door, "Mom, hurry up she's having another one." I run back to the barn and another little girl comes out. No problems this time - two feet, and a squished nose. Both are cute as can be. One is Mavis (from Hotel Transylvania) and one is Mabel! We really wanted boys as we bred our two Alpine girls with a big Ober buck, but that is okay. Happy and Healthy is awesome!

So, thanks to all the advice and help on this forum. Once again, I appreciate all the posts and support!

Now, you'll see my milking posts as I begin the world of milking and drying up!


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WOOT! Am happy for ya! :) Its a neat feeling the first time "your" girls have babies. And 11 lbs is a very big kid. I can see why she just had the one in there :). And I agree, pictures!

Here the days kidding went just as well. Or at least I think. Got home from work about 7pm, Tracy was out milking so I started to feed the adults. Tracy comes out calling for the next batch of milkers to come in and I ask "So what did Abbie have?" She says "Huh? Abbie? " I says, "Well she is right in the lean too and has two kids at her feet." Tracy replies "She was just out in the pasture (if you can call it that) an hour ago."

So am guessing it musta went smooth. Two beautiful boys :) Exactly what I was hoping for outta her!
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