Kids coming soon! Different meat breeds

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I have some Myotonic kids coming soon. I will have 2 myotonic does kid and all kids will be sold. I also have a spanish/kiko that is due and her kids will be sold as well. Myotonic kids can be registered and the ones out of one doe will be reigstered...the other doe isn't registered yet so I will register her kids as soon as she is registered. These prices are only for people who mention this ad on TGS!!!

    Registered Myotonic bucks- $200 Blue eyes-$225

    Unregistered myotonic bucks-$125 Blue eyes-$175

    Registered Myotonic does-$250 Blue eyes-$300

    Unregistered myotonic does-$150 Blue eyes-$200

    unregistered Kiko cross bucks- $100

    Unregistered Kiko cross does-$150

    All registered wethers-$75
    Unregistered wethers-$50