Kids getting confused about who mama is

Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by milkmaid, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. milkmaid

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    Both our does kidded last week. For the first few days they knew their own kids and butted the others away. Today one of the kids was nursing off the wrong doe, and the doe didn't notice, even when she sniffed him twice! The third time she sniffed she realized and butted him away. He just backed up and licked his lips like he'd do it again when he got the chance!
    My question is, is this a problem? Both does tested negative for CAE last year.
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    Well I'm sure someone smarter than me will come along and give you a better answer, but I'll just give you my two cents. At the farm where I got my girls there were several does that just loved all the babies and would let anyone nurse on them. All the kids knew this and would take advantage of the situation every chance they got. It didn't seem to be any porblem there and I don't think I would worry about since both of your does are CAE negative. In fact is was pretty useful to the lady I got my does from. She could seperate her best milkers out overnight and there wasn't any crying for mama from the kids because they had their second moms with them. Anyway, just my thoughts....

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    If you are OK and don't have CAE ... then is completely OK and normal ...for a kid to steal milk from an unexpected Doe.... years ago.....Mine ...have done that in the past...LOL When ever I'd feed grain.... this one kid.... loved stealing her Aunts milk.... I got a kick out of it...because this was a triplet..... her own momma... didn't have enough milk .... for 3 kid would improvise....and did a great job.... :laugh: :wink:
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    Thanks for the input. Glad there's no problem.
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    Yep. A lot of times in the wild, herd animals have a few wet nurses that feed all the babies.
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    NP... :wink: :thumb:
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    I had 2 does kid at the same time Dec. 09. Lucy had 1 buck and 2 does, and Zoey had 2 does. Lucy rejected her buckling, Jackson (I think he got some of Zoeys birthing fluids on him). Zoey took right to him. Unfortunately, little Jackson kept knocking Zoey's smaller doe, Janey out of the way and stealing her share of the milk. I almost lost Janey because of this. I had to bring her into the house for a week. When I put her back with Zoey I had to take Jackson away and bottle feed him so Zoey could feed Janey.

    As long as your little buck isn't stealing someone elses milk you won't have a problem. I've found that bucklings are very aggressive and pushy when it comes to feeding time.
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    I remember that one Steph!! Those girls were my first over the phone deliveries! I totally agree with monitering the smaller kids and be sure they are getting enough...Stephs buckling was a brute compared to his "adopted" sisters.
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    Then it's good Blizzy's getting more milk because he's the smallest of the three! I haven't seen him sneak milk again, though he's probably still doing it behind my back.