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Hello all!

we are adopting our first goats soon and I would love to hear from you all about the pros and cons of the timing.

We were supposed to get two NDs in July but we weren’t quite ready so we kept pushing it off. Now we’re looking at the prospect of adopting goats that will be born in September.

The farm we are getting them at does a mix of bottle feeding and dam feeding but we will take over bottle feeding and bring them home at 3-4 weeks. We will be bottle feeding 100% goats milk which we get from the farm. (But all this is besides the point!)

so what I’m wondering is: what are the pros and cons of bringing home 4 week old ND kids at the end of September. We live in New England so winters are cold. Will they be big enough by winter to do well on their own without older goats in the herd? What else should I be considering? Any thoughts are appreciated!!

Thank you!
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