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Last night the kids showed at their last show of the season. It was a nice show, we had a really good time, and there were some familiar faces there that we always enjoy seeing.

The kids did really great showing. My son won his showmanship class, my oldest daughter struggled for 4th <she still struggles with eye contact and being quick to do things>, and my youngest was in Novice showmanship, the judge said she worries about the feet too much LOL

They took 9 goats and 8 of them placed in their classes.
We're very pleased, especially since some of the people there show on a professional level <some go to Nationals/etc>

My Son's goats:
1st Junior Fullblood doe
3rd Junior Fullblood buck
3rd Market Wether highweight <96lbs>
5th Yearling Fullblood doe
5th Intermediate Percentage doe

My youngest daughter showed only 1 goat outside of showmanship <her wether had to have his state tag cut out - I posted about it in health section>.
2nd place Junior Fullblood doe :)

My oldest daughter:
3rd market Wether highweight <82lbs>
3rd Yearling Percentage Doe
I don't know what place her Percentage spotted doe got, but she didn't finish well lol -- she looks more Nubian than boer, but she has fun with her anyway.

The only thing that really disappointed me was the judge's call on my daughter's yearling % doe. She said she would have been in 2nd place had her doe not been limping. Well maybe the judge should have ASKED why the doe was limping? :( <I trimmed her feet a little yesterday morning and she jerked her foot and cut a little deep>.
IMO that shouldn't knock a doe down in a breeding class, accidents happen, right?

So...I tried to take a lot of pictures especially since it's their last show.
Of course pre-show the goats had us laughing, they were being so silly.
I have a cheap old camera that I try to use so don't mind some of the picture quality lol
Imagine seeing this as your going down the highway lol... Bossman's tail lol

Way too cute! Bossman laying on top of Caramel, Peanut snuggled up next to her and Glory on the right.

Wysteria says... if the face can't reach it...maybe the tongue can! lol


Then she mooched off of me for a while

Star chillin'

Peanut and Pandy


Wysteria still mooching for food...turkey sub and cantaloupe lol

I was walking by the pen and this is how I found Pandy...she was trying her best to take a nap but it wasn't working out the way she wanted lol

My youngest & Peanut in Novice showmanship

My son in showmanship with Pandy

Yep he's looking at the camera alright

My oldest in showmanship with Caramel

This is the way a lot of judges seem to praise kids on bracing their wethers, so for the future I want my kids to try and brace this way. My oldest has just been so lost on bracing...and in that, her goat is a lazy boy and wants to twist and turn instead of push.

Dusty finished 3rd

My son's wether Rudy finished 3rd

More pics on a 2nd post

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Meanwhile...Wysteria is mooching for my daughter had to share lol

Caramel and Pandy in their breed class


Give Peanut a chair <or chairs> and she's good to go while waiting to be shown, haha.

My youngest and Glory

Peanut finishing 1st in her class

Glory finished 2nd to Peanut

Star finished 3rd

Wysteria and Star...I hope Wystie doesn't teach Star to be a moocher lol

My son's buckling, Bossman.


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LOVE all the pictures!! And great job to all! It's been really fun to watch your show string with all of your pretty goats :) Are you sad that it is over?

I heard about your buckling with his tag. That really stinks :( And the poor little guy. I have seen SO many tag accidents; between infections, ripping through the ear, and having to retag because they put the wrong one in. :eek:

The picture of the showman driving that you have- That isn't really the 'right way'. In a successful drive, the wether will have all 4 feet flat on the ground, and the showman will be driving the wether against one thigh with the other leg back as a support. A girl in our showmanship class got marked down for bracing her wether on her boots, at last year's fair. And a bit off topic, but that young showman clipped his goat's legs half-cocked and didn't bathe it! Not acceptable for showmanship, but it was probably a market class?

I think all of your goats looked great! Peanut and Glory are way cute :D Are you selling the wethers?

(Here is a picture of how we brace at our fair. Some of the wethers aren't participating, though :rolleyes:)


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Thanks Karen and Katelyn!

Yes Katelyn, I have to say I am very sad. I love watching the kids show their goats. We didn't get to do as many shows as we wanted to this year, so it just feels incomplete.
But they are already planning for next year, hoping to have a buck maybe this weekend or next weekend to turn out with the does :)
My oldest daughter can't wait to breed Wysteria, she will be her first goat to be bred that is solely hers.

I agree about having all 4 feet on the ground. The boy in the picture was getting praised by some judges who are usually very tough to please. I told my kids they need to learn how to brace this way, but also teach their wethers to brace with all 4 feet on the ground, so given the judge/show they can go with whatever the judge seems to like.
I know if my kids work harder with wethers, they can get bracing down, my oldest daughter just really struggles with it and looses concentration and instead of welcoming help from me and my son, she gets mad and doesn't want to do it :( They have a month before they sell their wethers, so I want them to work on setting them up.

In the picture you posted, I really like the one all the way to the right. Both feet on the ground for the handler. The 2nd one from the right I'm just really not into that cocked foot, not saying it's a bad look, but I've seen some kids do it here and it doesn't look good, but they also lean way over their wethers and I am like huh? <looks a bit tacky>.
I prefer kids to be standing up and not have to lean way over their animal.
But...I am no judge lol

My daughter tends to keep her wether like the 2nd from the left, except he hunches up his back, drives me crazy especially when she just completely looses focus on him in the ring and doesn't set him up properly so his legs are everywhere on the back end.

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Yes, I think it is good to have several different methods to have at hand for each competition. Some of the judges around here don't even like bracing, so we have to teach the wethers how to stand still also :rolleyes:

My sister is very similar to how your daughter is with bracing. She never felt like trying because the judges didn't like her showing techniques. Her wether was also the worst goat in history to teach to brace! 3 days before show day, I told her that she only needs to be superior over her wether, and he would brace. After ramming him halfway across the property, he braced, and she won her class at the fair!

In the picture I posted, I am actually the showman all the way to the right :) That's my little goat, behaving for once! The girl next to me is definitely an amazing showman as well, and judges do seem to like her driving style. This picture was from our advanced showmanship class, where the girl won first overall showman and I placed second behind her.

A lot of judging and placing comes down to personal preference, and so it always depends on the judge. Most judges like the showmen who consistently drive their animals so that the judge can see their meat. IMO, wethers should be either driven or simply set up, and breeding stock should always, always be set up. So there again- Another deciding factor is what type of animal you are showing!

And people think 'silly goat showmanship' is for little kids! :eek:

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Thanks Brink! My kids are very excited about their placings, especially considering some of the people they were showing with :)

Katelyn that is funny about your daughters wether! Sounds like she took your advice!
I can get my daughters wether to brace, but he knows how to 'pull her chain' if you know what I mean. She doesn't let him know she's the boss. I told her she has to be firm with him, your hands can't be too soft on him because that's like giving this particular wether 2 miles of free space. He's very lazy when it comes bracing.
I think at some of the fairs she could have placed so much better if she put more effort into getting him to brace correctly.

I agree about the different ways of setting up.
First shows, they were all lifting their front ends, so that's what my kids learned to do, Then other shows we saw kids with all 4 on the ground.
It's confusing to know exactly what the judge wants.
We spoke with a judge last week who said he'd much rather see a wether on your boots than lifted in the air. He is a tough judge, we've had him at other fairs, and he actually encouraged my kids to learn how to stand them on the top of their boots.
Of course all 4 on the ground would be my preference.
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