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    So.... I was cleaning my oldest daughters room this evening, and my 4yo was in the room along with my oldest daughter. We were sorting through books, and my 4yo says.... 'I have a boyfriend.' OMG....LOL!!!! Where did that come from???
    She goes on and on about having a boyfriend, and I told her she was too young to have a boyfriend. Well obviously seeing her 13 year old cousin with his 'girlfriend' at church yesterday convinced her that she can have a boyfriend!!! H-E-L-L-O....she's only 4 years old!
    Silly girl!!!

    So just a few minutes ago I asked her, "You don't really have a boyfriend do you?" Because she always has a funny comeback....I love her imagination :)
    She said "No, I don't. I have to be big." Then she says "BUT...if I did I would be 6, then I can have a boyfriend. A purple boyfriend."

    Not only was she saying it in a real girly voice, but she even cocked her head sideways a bit, and had the funniest 'girly' expression.....

    :laugh: :ROFL: :slapfloor:

    Oh don't let her get started on baby talk.... She says when she's big she wants to have a baby. The other day she was going on and on about wanting a baby.... :laugh: I looked at her and said "nooooo you don't, it hurts REALLY REALLY BAD to have babies."
    She gives me a serious look, and says "I'm not having babies until I am really big."

    Never a dull moment with my lil comedian....I wish I had a video camera with sound so I could share her silly moments with you all....she's sooooooo silly!
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    LOL! Thats soo adorable!
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    Too cute, they are SOOO wonderful at that age. It's a shame we all grow up and lose the imagination, lol
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