KRDG Kidding thread late 2020-2021

Discussion in 'Waiting Room' started by Jubillee, Oct 14, 2020.

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  2. Peach kidded a bit ago. 3 bucks.
    Laid down, bubble came and popped...and a brown tail and rump came out...(doh). Got in there and couldn't get the back legs up...husband went in and pulled out 2 white front legs...the head was tucked down to the side. Took a good hour to manipulate it up and out. Phew. Gave her some time, she wasn't getting the others out. Husband went back in, felt that brown little rump again and pulled both back legs. He was dead. I think his cord got severed while trying to maneuver them. Two feet popped out and he pulled those and the spotted buck came out.

    Peach doing ok, keeping a close eye on her. It was pretty hard on her. But she was cleaning and nursing her boys.

    peach boys.jpg peach kid 1.jpg peach kid 2.jpg

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    I’m sorry you lost one of the boys. I’m so glad peach is ok though poor thing. That was a rough delivery for all of you.
    The two remaining boys are adorable. The white ones ears are so long, I’m used to nigie ears but those long ones are so cute!
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  5. Thanks, all is well so far. Peachy is doing good...just swollen.

    Lulu is in labor today! Early labor at the moment but progressing.

    20210224_081643.jpg 20210224_081913.jpg
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    Cmon Luna!
    Textbook birth! I can’t wait to see those roan floppy eared babies!
    Best of Luck!
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    Congratulations on the boys. Sorry you lost one.
    Happy kidding for Luna
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  8. Lulu kidded around noon today! Single doeling. Easy kidding. She is doing great and baby is doing well and gorgeous. Ears for DAYS and a little heart on her nose! I'm pretty positive Ruger is her sire but she will be tested for sure.

    We are all DONE, well, Until the end of March, we have lots of lambs coming, 6 ewes pregnant!
    20210224_121521_HDR.jpg 20210224_122845_HDR.jpg 20210224_132049.jpg 20210224_132054.jpg
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    Oh wow, such a beautiful baby!!! Good job Luna. Good job to you too, Jubillee! So glad it went smoothly.
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    Awwwwwww! Long floppy ears and long legs to match! What a gorgeous baby girl! Awesome job Luna. Congratulations to you both.
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    Congrats on all the kids! Sorry you lost the one boy :(

    Lulus girl is gorgeous! Big long ears like her mama! That heart cute too:inlove:
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    They are all so beautiful! Congratulations to you and the moms!

    I notice you really give their rear ends a good shave. I did my girls today in preparation for kidding, but I didn't go any where near that much. Do you do that for sanitary reasons or is it something else?
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    Lambs are fun! I have a friend that raises sheep... so far this spring they have over 20 lambs on the ground, with a few more ewes to go! I was actually there for a lambing. The 4th one was breech, thats how she knew it was a ram
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  14. Yes...they tend to get the stuff in their hair and tail and it hardens and is so hard to clean out of the hair.
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  15. hahahaha no doubt!! Ours have been great in that we wake up...and there are new lambs on the ground haha.
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